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BRECOflex offers high precision timing belts with a wide variety of backings for use in conveying, positioning, material handling, and related applications. The categories are: general conveying, food processing, hi-temperature and anti-static. All backings are designed for excellent wear resistance and resilience.

The characteristics to consider are:

  • Friction - choose high friction for good grip and low friction for accumulating conveyors. Belt load increases friction and friction varies by the type of material being conveyed
  • Back-bending - not all backings are suitable for drives with back-bending. We recommend you contact engineering
  • Pulley Diameter - backing thickness and temperature will affect the flexibility of the belt and determine the required pulley diameter. The specifications provided on each backing page will give you these details

Backings with faster lead times are noted on the product detail page. To see additional resources, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

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